Thursday, November 11, 2010

Huey Newton/Midweek Update

Music: Here's the latest cut from Wiz and the Hot Spitta (Curren$y)... I'm not very knowledgable of 80's music but I think it's a Phil Collins sample on the beat.. Somebody let me know if I'm wrong.

Nightlife: Village Pourhouse tonight, BU8 tomorrow!!!

This has been a hectic week to say the least... I was canceled on last night at Le Souk due to a special event, and I've been called in for tonight at the VP. The only problem is the coffin full of gear at VP tonight will be missing the mixer and certain essential cables, so in order to perform tonight I have a few minor problems to solve first. Between laundry and wrestling practice, I will probably spend the remaining hours of my day searching Radio Shacks and Guitar Centers across NYC for rca/xlr adapters, rca splitters, and rca/.25inch adapters... Wish me luck, because the show must go on!

Here's the remaining schedule for the week:

Thursday: Village Pourhouse (11th and 3rd) - 9-close

Friday: Butterfield 8 (38th and 5th) - 10 - close

Hope to see you all this weekend, and remember call/text 607.237.7525 for details on any DJ Z event...

-$pud Z - "tha hot blogga"

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Anonymous said...

sample is Toto's "Africa"