Monday, November 1, 2010

R Les/Nightlife Update

Music: For this portions of today's post I thought I'd share some dope Ryan Leslie videos and a dl link for his latest hit with Fabolous. He's really on top of the game right now... Too bad somebody jacked his laptop! check dis ish out...

Nightlife: Le Souk/Butterfield/TBD

First I'd like to start by saying last week was awesome! We started the week out early at Le Souk on Wednesday night and it was off the hook. Big ups to Immodice Productions and DJ Mark Larush... Le Souk is going down again this Wednesday at 11:30 courtesy of Immodice Productions so rest up the next couple nights cuz you're breaking out the dancing shoes on Wednesday!

Last Thursday was my first night at the Village Pourhouse thanks to DJ Autograph who was kind enough to let me fill in for him.. I had a lot of fun, and my favorite part was my bar tab was comped and they had one of the best beer selections I've seen in NYC. I definitely recommend checking it out and thanks to Autograph I will probably be back soon... I will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Friday's Butterfield 8!!! Last week went great and I'll be there again this Friday performing my usual duties as resident dj (i.e. killing the mix). Open bar wirstabnds will be available per usual so if you're looking for a relaxed place to post up on Friday hit me up.

Saturday night was the Homecoming/Halloween register at Sig Chi (Bucknell) and as most DJ Z registers are - SHIT WAS CRAZYYYY!!! Big ups to Greg Stewart for bringing me in for the event and I hope we can put something else together in the future. Saturday nights in the future are currently open in my schedule but will be filled in the near future. So stay posted for more info on Saturday night gigs.

For details/questions about any DJ Z event call/text 607.237.7525

Hope to See you all at Le Souk (wednesday) and Butterfield8 (friday) this week!!!

Check back soon for up to date info!


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