Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waka Flocka Update

Music: with Mikey P

Atlanta Georgia’s Heroes & Villains comprised of Daniel Disaster and Pete H just destroyed Gucci Mane’s track Lemonade and Waka Flocka Flame’s O Let’s Do It. I would have never given these two tracks a chance prior to Heroes & Villains bass heavy addition, but the Atlanta duo manages to deflate the heavily cocaine induced flow (or heavily congested) of Gucci and Waka while supplementing a bit of reverb and dub.“Lemons on the chains with the v-cuts”…word.
In other dope remix news Diplo and Maddecent have been backing Mediaz Empire’s Pon Di Floor Riddim, which is a collection of Pon Di Floor remixes. If you are met with an unconquerable urge to dance whenever a dancehall beat is cranked through a set of speakers then thistape is for you, if not this tape is still for you.

... and here's a little freestyle vid I thought I'd share. It's a throwback but one of my favs of all time.. Love the throwback jerseys and Cam in all pink countin g's... these dudes run shit!

Dipset-freestyle on rap city
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