Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ladies and Gents,

Welcome back to your former or soon to be favorite music/entertainment blog…

Anonymous Chronic!

Bookmark it and check back often…

From now on Anonymous Chronic will be updated on a daily/multi-daily basis with the down low on new music, sports, television, and exclusive insider nightlife info for all my NYC residents out there.

For my inaugural “re-launch” post today I would like to share with you a wide variety of the aforementioned media.

Music: 607 STAND UP!

“North-side hit the chefs for the meanest slice or Cortese chicken wings they the keys to life (east-side)”

Strawberry Papers – E-Fluent (prod. By Hannibal King)

^^The illest emcee to come from the Bing ever. Period.

click here for e-fluent's bandcamp ----> here

Another artist I highly recommend you all check out is Queens producer Reckonize Real.
E-Fluent and Reckonize Real have put some work in together recently and if you check out Real's sound I think you will hear why. Very dope beats!

check him out here ------>

Here are a couple nice house/dance beats I hope you'll enjoy also:

Last but not least for this portion of today's post I would like to share with you my most recent mix (which isn't really that recent at all). I recorded this one on 9/3/10 so it's not my freshest stuff, but I will definitely have some more heat for ya'll soon, and I got a fresh new drop courtesy of E-Fluent which will be featured in my next mix.

Sports: Stewart Scott's long lost son

Here is a little bit of amateur commentary I found on youtube… I thought it was a joke at first, but this guy actually knows his shit. Still funny! And his picks are almost right…


I’m usually not a South Park fan but this one is GOOD… Don’t hate me if you’re from jersey, it's a new york thing.


This upcoming week you can catch me at Le Souk on Wednesday night and Butterfield 8 on Friday... Le Souk is still tentative and I will confirm the gig on tomorrows post, but Butterfield 8 is on like donkey kong... same rules apply: $40 open bar from 11-2 or $30 from 12-2 (just say my name at the door). Be sure to check back tomorrow if you plan on going to Le Souk this wednesday.

Also, its never too late to start planning for the holidays. Come check out me and DJ Dopestar Dec. 23rd at Libation.

That's all for today... check back tomorrow and peep that chronic!

-SPUD a.k.a. DJ Z

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