Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New beats/Le Souk tonight!!

Music: with Mikey P

Thomas Decarlo Callaway better know as Cee-Lo Green recently released a new single entitled Old Fashioned ( There is not much I can say about it other than it is up to par with his contemporary soulful releases. The track itself sounds a bit dusty (not to be confused with Chico Dusty), and somewhat antiquated, but Callaway’s impassioned belting rises above the old-fashioned and outworn jingle, as well as the backup singers’ pleasingly melodious tune. In keeping with the feminine intonation Will Smith’s cheeky and audacious daughter Willow Smith has made her way into the world of the music video with her single Whip My Hair ( ( at the age of nine. With an annoyingly catchy chorus - “I whip my hair back and forth” and inspiring lyrics – “Don’t let haters keep me off my grind” Willow Smith rise to the top of the nine-year-old rap game is insuppressible. Keep your ears to the black top, as this tune will become a pre-teen anthem chanted with a mouth full of tatoe chips and bubble yum.
In other news Pusha t and Pharrell released Arm Game (, which manager Steven Victor claims is two years old. Regardless of the uncertainty that surrounds the track its still pretty dope, but that may be a slight bias as I am a fan of anything to do with Pusha. The track is rounded out with a deliberately or accidentally goofy chorus and a disturbing accordion / squeezebox-polka sound – if that does not sell you on the song I don’t know what will. But, get your play clothes on and give this track a listen.
To wrap this lovely segment up I would just like to point out that Kanye West has allegedly created five album covers; it seems he is employing his creative juices wisely…psyche.

Nightlife: Le Souk is on for tonight ----->
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