Thursday, October 21, 2010

Song Requesters

How did your parents/environment irreparably damage your personality so badly? Daddy issues maybe? C'mon, what is it with you people? Why do the people who insist on requesting songs have the WORST taste in music???

These are the questions I'm left wondering after dealing with a remarkably persistent "request artist" all night. Now I'm not usually a complainer, however this is a phenomenon that all DJs deal with and bond over -- the equivalent of a heckler to a comedian, or throwing food at the royal jester (maybe a far stretch/kind of sad I just compared myself to a jester but whateva). Anyway, as part of today's post I would like to share with my readers and fellow DJs some of the more ridiculous requests that I've encountered:

"Can you play Wagon Wheel?"
- Shot old women who apparently stumbled away from a Jimmy Buffet concert or something of the likes

"Umm, you know that song Dynamite?"
-Every high school girl who got into the club with a fake ID

"Yo, play something we can dance to."
-Blacked out kid with a blow out

"Play something Spanish. I'll tip you"

"I don't accept tips"

"Alright, heres $50"

"Whatever" [song played: Temperature - Sean Paul]
-Encounter between me and a wasted Indian dude wearing a bow tie

"Play something Arabic or Indian"

"I don't have any... This is America and I'm American."

"You don't have any DJ Bongabonga?!?"

"No bitch!"

-Encounter with annoying woman who was far too old to be at a club at 1 a.m. on a Wednesday

Well, those are just a few anecdotes I thought I would share with you before continuing on to the main portion of today's post...

Music: Jim Jones - Like Gangstas feat. Snoop Dogg

^^This one's pretty fresh...

Nightlife: BUtterfield8 tomorrow (Friday) night... hope to see a lot of familiar faces!

Television: Nothing today, but Thursdays are the best for TV so tomorrows post will have multiple episodes for your enjoyment.

Sports: Yankees still trail... I'll get back to you when they're in the World Series.

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